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Welcome to the food machinery directory:

DIAB IMPORT &EXPORT founded Formost Machinery EST in order to help manufacturers become better CANDY suppliers and producers. We draw on our many years of experience in the Chocolate, Gum, Candy, and Biscuit Industries, applying our varied expertise in overhauling, renovation, and production. Formost Machinery’s background in these different areas has enabled us to become one of the leading suppliers of CANDY machinery in the Middle East & AFRICA. Formost Machinery offers you its vast experience and after-sales support, for a wide variety of machinery brands.

With 25 years of experience and the support of its expert staff, Formost Machinery has become a highly competitive and fast-growing Machinery Group.Formost Machinery uses numerous branded tools in real-life experiences to create prepare robust and high quality CANDY machines for their customers. We are proud to say the Formost Machinery Workshops are equipped with the latest tools and technology. Our Skills are dedicated to help you find the best food machine for your business.


We trust that you will find useful information to assist you in your search for used confectionery equipment; Our site is updated regularly, but the used machinery market can be fast-moving so we would always recommend that you also Contact Us with any specific requirements, just in case we have located machines which are not yet on this site.

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